SubFloor’s effective acoustic floor

The basic idea is simple! With SubFloor acoustic flooring – tailored and constructed precisely to meet your requirements and needs – the noise level of footfalls from another room or another floor of the building is reduced. Sounds from telephone calls, TV and radio can also be muted when the right choice of flooring improves airborne sound insulation.

Requirements and needs vary in apartment buildings, offices, nursery schools, schools, or buildings with other activities, depending on how sounds behave in rooms and with different surfaces. SubFloor acoustic flooring was developed in conjunction with leading experts and means that the screws are used together with a unique acoustic foot. The foot ensures footfall noise reduction of up to 28 dB without compromising stability.

However, to ensure that the requirements of the building are met, it is important to take into account all criteria – the construction of the floor in interaction with the building’s frame and floors. The balancing act concerns meeting requirements in every instance. If a floor gives too much, it will feel uncomfortably soft to walk on. We work with experts in materials to ensure that the requirements of the sound environment are exceeded by a good margin.

Three different acoustic feet

SubFloor acoustic feet are designed to meet the high demands of step and airborne sound insulation. Polyamide and TPE materials with their different properties combined with the chosen joist type ensure good indoor acoustics for any given project. There are now three different variants of acoustic feet. Flexible build height with wood or steel battens depending on the requirements and conditions of the project will determine the type of acoustic foot.

Choose the right acoustic foot

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Examples of constructions

Wooden batten, acoustic foot 12 mm, HDF

Steel batten, acoustic foot 12 mm, HDF

Wooden batten, acoustic foot 25 mm, KL-wood

Acoustic foot 12 mm

Wooden batten with acoustic foot

Steel batten with acoustic foot

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