Use battens for a smooth and elegant floor

Many surfaces are uneven due to coarse concrete and settlement. SubFloor solves such problems during renovation in a simple way. With a dry, fast, laser-precision laying process, the floor will be laid with the right height.

A great advantage of battened floors is the level of evenness achievable. The air gap formed is also the perfect space for laying and hiding installations.

The clever solution is to support the battens with adjustable screws to achieve the exact height, eliminating unevenness and differences in surface level. Fibreboard laid on top of the batten allows free choice of exactly the surface you want in the room. Parquet or laminate flooring, plastic matts, along with plaster/levelling compound and tiles.

We’ve put a lot of work into developing a tough material for the screws, which allows a battened floor to withstand high loads.

There are a number of benefits:

  • Battens with few fastening points
  • Fast laying
  • Low labour costs

Choose fastening method:

  • Glue
  • Steel nails
  • Plugs with concrete/wood screws

Which of the methods that will suit you best depends on the quality of the surface and the size of the floor area to be battened. Glueing and steel nails means quick and convenient laying.

Our Different Types

Simple battening

The most common type of battening uses plastic screws – with or without a foot. Fibreboard, rag felt (or similar) and surface layer are placed on top.

Battened floor using steel battens

An alternative to our classic wooden battens. Steel battens work well with all types of floors – simple battening, acoustic flooring and ventilated flooring.

Project – With battened floors

To follow is a selection of different projects with SubFloor battened floors. More projects will be added in the future.

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