Low-build flooring with steel battens

Problems with uneven surfaces due to coarse concrete, settlement or tensioned HDF beams for example?

With SubFloor battened floors, you get the floor the exact level you want, thus eliminating the unevenness and level differences that exist in the substrate. Using adjustable screws, battens can be height-adjusted, providing the exact height you need. On top of SubFloor’s flooring battens, you can easily mount the flooring material of your choice on fibreboard. The air gap formed under the battens can be used for different types of installations.

Demand for lower build heights has existed for some time, and SubFloor regarded it as a natural step to further develop our already proven system. With the new steel batten, which is only 11 mm thick, build height is reduced to as low as 12 mm above the batten. This construction is available in three different basic versions where the steel batten is the same, but where only screws and two different types of screw feet can be used for different requirements.

Different floor structures

Here you can see different floor structures and their build heights. Available with screw, acoustic foot or screw foot.

Floor construction with screws

Steel batten with 50 mm plastic screw.

Build height 12-50 mm

Floor construction with acoustic foot

Steel batten with 100 mm plastic screw and acoustic foot.

Build height 35-111 mm

Floor construction with screw foot

Steel batten with plastic screw 100 mm and screw base.

Build height 25-103 mm

Floor construction with screws and insulation

Steel batten with 50 mm plastic screw.

Build height 25-50 mm

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