Sports halls and activity areas

Sports halls and other types of activity areas are at least as exposed to the risk of water damage and other types of moisture-related problems as other facilities, while the challenges of a renovation can be much greater. If the space needs to be dried out, conventional methods may require large construction fans to run for weeks, which of course means a longer shutdown than necessary. Instead, the smart way to renovate is to install SubFloor’s ventilated floor directly and then allow the built-in ventilation to dry out the substrate gradually during ongoing operations. If the reason for the renovation is sudden water damage without an underlying moisture problem, it may even be possible to disconnect the floor fan when the damage is eventually fully repaired.

Aktivitetsytor av det aktuella slaget har sällan bara en användning, i synnerhet på mindre orter. En och samma lokal kanske behöver kunna utnyttjas som gymnastiksal, sporthall, danslokal, mässutrymme och kActivity areas of this kind rarely have only one use, especially in smaller towns. The same space may need to be able to be used as a gymnasium, sports hall, dance hall, exhibition space or concert hall with a need for quick changes. These are activities with very different demands on the properties of the substrate. Often a certain degree of sagging is desirable, while the floor must be stable and able to withstand heavy loads. These types of complex calculations are part of everyday life for our designers, who are happy to help find a solution that does not compromise functionality. 

A sound-damping SubFloor provides a quieter indoor environment.

A renovation can also be an opportune time to review the step sound dampening in the room, where SubFloor’s acoustic floors with dampening feet in polyamide and TPE in combination with well-chosen finishes can have a big impact.

All in all, a raised, sound-damping and ventilated SubFloor provides a quick and simple way to get up above the bare concrete surface. The floor easily ends up completely level (or with desired falls where this is justified), with no requirement for prior levelling and without stealing height space. With construction heights from just 15 mm, they can be used anywhere. The result is a fresher, quieter indoor environment – and, at the same time, an installation space with room for wiring easily accessible under the floor.

Benefits with SubFloor in sports halls and activity areas

  • A ventilating air gap under the floor prevents moisture-related problems
  • Only the c/c spacing between joist has to be adjusted due to the actual load requirement
  • Flexible build height, from 15 mm to 414 mm
  • An acoustic floor improves the step noise reduction
  • A sound-damping and ventilated SubFloor provides a quieter indoor environment

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