Hotels and offices

Many modern offices are located in larger building complexes, where it is common for several tenants to share the space – either one floor each, or divided into smaller units. When fitting out such premises, SubFloor’s raised floor is an ideal solution for several reasons.

The stable construction means that room dividers, such as lightweight walls, within a fire cell can be placed directly on the raised floor. They can be easily moved when a room needs to be adapted for a growing organization or for a new tenant, who may need more small rooms or larger open spaces.

The design with an air gap between the floor and joists also allows for the creation of an installation space directly under the floor, where, for example, electrical installations and computer networks can be routed invisibly and adapted in a very simple and flexible way as businesses and workforces grow. With building heights of up to 414 mm, the installation space can accommodate water and waste pipes as well as ventilation ducts, if required. At the same time, a minimum construction height of 15 mm means that a SubFloor floor does not need to take up more space than an existing conventional floor. With SubFloor acoustic flooring, the sound comfort can also be upgraded, significantly increasing the attractiveness of the premises.

The air gap between the floor and joist allows for the creation of an installation space directly under the floor.

Building with SubFloor, therefore, means big savings in the long term for the property owner, who can quickly adapt the premises to new functions with minimal loss of income during the refurbishment period, while keeping the costs of ongoing upgrades and new wiring to a minimum. The pleasant environment comes with the purchase!

Hotels usually present special challenges, as a high level of sound comfort is a priority. Hotels are now often built with prefabricated modular bathrooms, where the rest of the hotel room needs to be matched in height to create a smooth transition to the rest of the floor.

The number of bathrooms is a challenge in itself, with a high risk of water and moisture damage, but hardly any other type of building accommodates as many different premises as hotels. Bars, kitchens, spas, swimming pools, large conference rooms and so on, all with different requirements of floor stability, moisture and sound dampening for the subfloor.

So there are many opportunities to make mistakes, but our designers are used to the difficult calculations required to get a well-functioning final solution.

Benefits with SubFloor at hotels and offices

  • A ventilating air gap under the floor prevents moisture-related problems
  • Only the c/c spacing between joist has to be adjusted due to the actual load requirement
  • The air gap between the floor and joist can be used as an installation space, where, for example, electrical and network installations can be routed
  • Flexible build height, from 15 mm to 414 mm
  • An acoustic floor improves the step noise reduction

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