Apartment buildings

In older apartment buildings there are often the same problems with uninsulated basement floors as in detached and terraced houses. If there is no insulation, moisture can travel freely and over time create problems with moisture damage, mould infestation and bad odours. Even here, there are still problems with soil radon in some places, despite the fact that most apartment buildings have been radon-remedied by now. 

The solution to moisture problems is raised ventilation floors from SubFloor, where variations in the height of the substrate do not matter. The smart SubFloor system uses adjustable screws to provide a floor that is completely level, with an air gap underneath that can be ventilated with negative pressure using an energy-efficient fan. The fan is cheap insurance against future issues – without floor ventilation, moisture will eventually return.

Ventilated floors can also shorten the renovation time after water damage, as a building fan is not required to first dry out the space for a week or more – it is solved step by step with the ventilated floor after the tenants move back.

SubFloor is built between 15 and 414 mm, and can therefore be easily adapted so that different basement rooms end up at the same level, regardless of what the surface looks like. In the air gap under the floor, for example, electricity, water and ventilation equipment can be installed. This becomes easily accessible by simply lifting parts of the floor’s surface layer.

In new construction – but also in more extensive renovations – SubFloor’s acoustic floors are often used as they can be adapted to different sound class regulations. Many homes have floors that were levelled with sand, which shifts over time and loses its sound-dampening ability. An acoustic floor with our special damping feet in polyamide and TPE restores the floor to the original level of step noise reduction.

Another common application is when renovating attic floors. This type of conversion is often very profitable, especially in larger cities however there are many challenges. For example, a limited ceiling height requires a low floor – problems that we are used to solving.

SubFloor’s acoustic floors improves the step noise reduction, which can otherwise be a problem in an apartment building.

The sound requirements in building regulations also do not always reflect the comfort that potential tenants or home buyers are looking for, whether during renovations or in new construction. Many people today are prepared to pay a little more for good sound comfort in the home, which is easy to achieve with our acoustic floors. Where an upgrade would normally require a transition from 200 mm to 300 mm joists, 200 mm is sufficient if our sound-dampening system is used instead. This becomes especially important when building higher using timber construction as every kilogram of weight saved plays a big role in the strength of the building.

In new construction, prefabricated concrete slabs are common. These have rough-cast surfaces that are levelled with floating screed, adding moisture to the floor. With SubFloor’s acoustic floor, no such levelling is needed. The adjustable joist screws take care of it quickly and efficiently, in addition, you get a practical installation space under the floor.

Prefabricated modular bathrooms are now also often placed directly on the floor. With raised SubFloor flooring, it is easy to get the floors in other rooms at the same level as the floor in the modular bathroom.

Benefits with SubFloor in apartment buildings

  • A ventilating air gap under the floor prevents moisture-related problems
  • Height differences of the substrate do not matter, for example a basement
  • Flexible build height, from 15 mm to 414 mm
  • The air gap formed can be used for electrical and plumbing installations
  • An acoustic floor improves the step noise reduction

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