Outdoor Environments

SubFloor’s solution with pressure-impregnated joists and screws adapted to a tough outdoor climate is an easy way to quickly and safely build a perfectly balanced base for a patio, terrace, balcony or roof terrace. 

No casting or piling is required – the stable screw feet can be placed on any solid surface, such as uneven rock slabs or paving slabs, which are simply laid on the ground. They don’t need to be level at all, and a regular concrete slab is more than enough to spread the load from the screw without sinking. Our system of impregnated joists and height-regulating adjustment screws in several different lengths then makes it easy to create a perfect surface for the decking, with the right drops for effective rainwater drainage.

SubFloor’s outdoor flooring is equally suitable for permanent installations as it is, for example, outdoor seating areas that may only be in use for five or six months of the year, and then spend the winter in storage until the spring sun comes out. Installation is so simple that our outdoor floors are often also used for very short-term installations, for example at festivals or other events. Especially where the surface would otherwise have present considerable difficulties, such as cobblestone surfaces in streets and squares or where the ground is muddy. There is no need to damage the substrate – so once the floor is installed, everything is as before.

SubFloor’s outdoor flooring is equally suitable for permanent installations as for short-term installations.

Another practical application where the SubFloor solution makes life much easier is in the construction of roof terraces on many types of houses, both in rural and urban areas. For example, if there is sloping roofing felt, simply install our outdoor floor with screws in suitable lengths and get a level floor with a great view, with very moderate effort. The open design means that the underlying roof takes care of the drainage like before – just enjoy!

Benefits with SubFloor in Outdoor Environments

  • Is equally suitable for permanent installations as for short-term installations
  • The height-regulating adjustment screws is perfect for an uneven ground

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